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Education Simplified
Edufy (An education management system) is is developed to bridge the information digitally to remove gaps that may exist in the school's management process and automate various school activities. This software can effectively manage the overall operations of your educational institution.


Why Edufy?

We know the way of our learnings system and culture, with considering these facts, we created "Edufy" to make your institute digitally intelligent and organized. With this software, you will take a fresh approach to how you engage with your faculty, administrators and students perfectly. We have our in-house development team, R&D team and dedicated technical support team.

Simple and easy to use

Edufy app is developed to be simple and user-friendly so that teachers and management of the institute can use it without any technical knowledge.

Unlimited student licenses

There are entirely different security measures for authorities, teachers, students & parents. In this app, unlimited student accounts can be accessible.

Powerful admin features

Edufy offers many powerful features for your institute with a simple solution that can run individual functions, connect entire operations and simplify day-to-day operational responsibilities.

Customizable dashboards

The graphical dashboard containing important information on the homepage makes it easy to view other information such as student attendance rate, results, class schedule, emergency notices.


Core Features

To digitize your school education system, we have added unique automated features that diligently help you with school activity management.


Student Management

Edufy helps teachers with a student database containing all student information, including student profiles, dynamic search options, and monthly reports.


Digital Attendance Management

Now teachers don't have to spend hours to find out which student is attending the class and absent. A single click will generate attendance reports.


Student Fee Management

Management would be able to keep track of pending fees. It will generate customized reports & send alerts to parents whenever the payment is due.


Payroll and Account Management

It has precise timesheets for payroll with an automatic payment process. It helps to record payments, identify receivables & run reports to analyze financial conditions.


Online Payment Integration

Edufy offers an efficient online payment gateway solution that gives students or guardians a comfortable and secure payment platform.


Human Resource Management

Edufy will assist you with human resource activities by categorizing attendance information, leave records, pay sheets, and other obligatory reports.


Stay connected with

The edufy app allows your institute to connect with everyone associated with the school. Through a single piece of software solution, all school activities can be monitored and manageable as students, teachers, staff, and parents can login the app individually to get updated according to their roles. This way, everyone will be updated and more connected.

  • Parents Login
  • Notification & Messaging
  • Attendance Management
  • Students Login
  • Leaves Management
  • Online Fees Collection

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